My Risk Board, because… Bad Memories

We have all played the game Risk… and all probably hate it equally. Then sometimes it finds its way out of the dusty closet back onto your table. You’re sure this time you’ll win, because, you got 40 little imaginary die-fated soldiers on your side, vs. the inevitably dead 2 on the other… what could possibly go wrong… and the somehow you lose. The gods fated this day that your opponent likely just wasted their good fortune on an infuriating game of Risk instead of a lottery ticket. But screw you eh?

In all seriousness, we have all likely been there. That being said… everytime I see someone with an awesome wood risk coffee table or board… I want it. I don’t want to actually play the game. I’m not a masochist. I do want to show people this awesome thing I have though.

So I have decided to start making one. Once finished, I plan to post the vector files on my website for free so others may also share in the infuriating world of Risk.

I will be using this blog for updates as they come in. so far I have outlined the whole world (quite literally) and I’m starting on the visual aspects of the board. The first being the compass.

That’s the drawing… I have yet to turn it into a vector and tweak it. But you get the idea.  If ever you have suggestions… or even want to add something to help just let me know.

My next update should be a kraken… taking down a ship… or drinking rum… maybe both. Haven’t decided yet.

Here is a very rough outline I will be going off of for the board. I will ultimately be redrawing this by hand, scanning that back in, and turning it into a vector file. And the compass at the bottom left is just a placeholder. That will be replaced with the image above eventually.


More will be posted in the near future, and I will post updates as they come in!

June 13th, 2017: I am still working on this in my free time. A lot has happened in the recent months, for more info, check out my other blogs posts!


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